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Frequently Asked Questions about Torah Life Ministries

Frequently Asked Questions

About  Torah Life Ministries

Questions are a natural consequence of new experiences, of learning, of growing, of studying, and living a full life. A wise student will always ask questions. We at TLM will answer all questions (as we get to them). There are some questions that are asked frequently, so we decided to create this page to help you on your walk. There is no question that is not important.If you do not see your question below, contact us via the contact page.

We try to answer questions regarding health according to the scriptures, raising healthy families, modest living, our Biblical roots, our Hebraic roots, etc.,  as related to Scripture and to our life today, to help you walk closer to Yahweh.

If you have a question you’d like to see added to this page, please email us.


  • What is Torah Life Ministries?

Torah Life Ministries is a 501(c)(3) ministry teaching the Word of Yahweh, proclaiming the Good News of Yeshua, and supporting the healing of all by revealing a more excellent way.

It is in our heart to help believers understand the important health message found in the Scriptures without having to deal with the “New Age” associated with so many health teachings today. In addition to being healthy physically, we also have a passion to teach people how to appear in the world to glorify Yahweh, by dressing modestly. We seek to glorify Yahweh physically and spiritually and set an example for people everywhere. We are also here to strengthen families worldwide, teaching how to raise healthy children and our roles according to scripture to build strong relationships.

And Yeshua was going around all the cities and the villages teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the Good News of the kingdom and healing every disease and every sickness.
Matthew 9:35

  • Why do you refer to the Bible in so many of your teachings?

The Scriptures is the book of all wisdom. With everything I do, I have the Scriptures on my mind. I don’t always plan to, but when I speak, I usually refer to the last thing I read, and the Scriptures is usually that. When Yeshua is truly in your heart, how can you not refer to it all the time? There is no situation where I don’t feel comfortable speaking about the Scriptures.

  • It must take a lot of boldness to speak about the Scriptures so often, how are you so brave to do so?

I don’t consider it a brave act to spread the good news of Yeshua. I enjoy it! We are all called to have a passion to let everyone know about Him and The Father’s message. We all have our own personal way of ministering the good news. Being outspoken about it is the way I choose.

  • You seem very legalistic?

Thank you for the compliment! When people see my life so closely following the word of Yahweh it brings me great joy. It’s when I look and act like the world and no one can tell of difference in my walk, I will worry.  I am legalistic to the point that I want to please Yahweh and obey His word in everything I do. However, I understand I am saved by the grace of Yeshua. That does not stop me for obeying The Father’s guidelines and instructions.

  • Does the Bible really talk about health?

Yes, more than any other book in the world. In fact, the Bible is the best health book ever written. It talks about diet, disease, healing, restoration, and every other health topic you can imagine. So many people overlook the important health message in the Scriptures. Revealing this message is partly what Torah Life Ministries is about.

  • If Yahweh truly loves us, why do so many believers today suffer from disease?

Regardless if we call ourselves believers or not, our actions reveal our heart. Most believers today, though sincere, do not have a desire to study, learn and follow Yahweh’s guidelines and instructions (the Torah), which results in suffering and disease. There is more disease than ever before in the history of man. At the same time, more people are living against YHWH’s instructions than ever before. The connection is obvious.
We have adapted into a culture that lives against the principles of the scriptures and the result has taken us further than we have ever been from achieving are goals.
Isaiah 24:5  says it well; The Earth suffers for the sins of its people, for they have twisted YHWH’s instructions, violated his laws, and broken His everlasting covenant.

  • Did people eat raw food in the Bible?

Of course they did! Fruits and vegetables were mainly consumed raw. I wouldn’t go so far to say everything was 100% raw. The amazing health benefits of raw food were not known back then, but the climate, resources and situation all support a highly raw diet by most people during biblical times.

  • Genesis 1:29 says the diet of man should be vegetarian, what do you say?

Man was a vegetarian in the Garden of Eden at the beginning of time. After Adam sinned, man was kicked out of the Garden of Eden and had to find a new way to survive. He now had to work for his food. He was either planting or hunting. Even though it doesn’t say man ate meat or started to consume animal products such as milk and eggs at that time, Abel became a shepherd (Genesis 4:2), so there is a good hint that man was no longer a strict vegan as it was in the Garden of Eden. Yahweh has built our bodies so wonderful and amazing that we can consume certain animals as food and still thrive in health if done with wisdom. We just have to listen and obey. Yet man still man could not obey those simple orders. The rules given with the permission to consume animal food are (a) do not eat unclean animals, (b) do not eat animals sacrificed to idols, and (c) do not eat the blood or certain fat of the animals. All of these instructions are being ignored today, and we are paying for it with our lack of health.

  • Are we commanded to consume meat?

Just because Yahweh gave man permission to eat meat doesn’t mean it had to be added to the diet. There is only one time in the Scriptures man is commanded to eat meat: at Passover. There is some debate about this today. Some quote the Scriptures and say this commandment was given to us to keep for all generations, while others argue Yeshua was our final sacrifice, so we no longer need to sacrifice and consume a lamb for Passover.

  • You say the ideal times to eat our meals is the 3rd and 9th hour of daylight.  How can we tell when that is?

The Scriptures reveal the ideal times for us to consume our food. Just like all topics, it has taken man thousands of years later to reveal by research what the Scriptures told us long ago was best for us.

Yahweh said, “Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to divide the day from the night; let them be for signs, seasons, days, and years…” —Genesis 1:14

Yahweh made the two great lights — the larger light to rule the day and the smaller light to rule the night — and the stars... —Genesis 1: 16

Yeshua answered, “Aren’t there twelve hours of daylight? —John 11:9

At the time that He said this, the people of the world had a number of ways of keeping time. The scriptural method of keeping time uses sunrise as the beginning of the first hour and sunset as the end of the twelfth. This means that as the seasons change and the days become longer and shorter, the hours would likewise become longer and shorter necessarily.

Yahweh’s people of old were told not to learn the customs of the nations around them, who were sun worshipers in one form or another (Deuteronomy 18:9). As far back as ancient Babylon, men were devising ways to measure hours of equal lengths. Water clocks, sand clocks, and many others were invented. In the 11th century A.D., an Arab astronomer even developed a sundial that would read in equal-length hours. Yet Yahweh’s faithful people used none of these as the rule to establish their hours of worship and thus their mealtimes. When they were faithful, they retained nature’s health laws by receiving spiritual and physical nourishment in a timely manner.

The third and ninth hours, which were used for the service of the earthly sanctuary, varied in length seasonally. Why didn’t Yahweh give His people a method of measuring equal-length hours if it would have been beneficial to them? The one who was to “think to change times and laws” (Daniel 7:25) didn’t stop with trying to change the Sabbath or the feast days or the months and years, but he has extended his reach even to the hours of the day, thereby affecting the hours of worship, eating, and sleeping by this attack on nature and her Author.

  • Aren’t all people who call themselves believers dressing modestly?

Absolutely not! It is such a sad thing. Just walk into any place of worship today and stand a believer next to a non believer and  you would have a hard time telling the difference in their appearance.

  • What is wrong with dressing according to the latest fashions?

We are clearly shown in the Bible that men and woman should have their body covered when in public.  The latest fashions say the opposite. They  reveal the flesh. The latest fashions and trends that people lust to wear and model is one of the most popular tricks of the enemy. Many places of worship are filled with people dressed immodestly. They dress exactly like the non-believers of the world. They look the same, act the same and commit the same daily sins.  We are called set apart for a reason but if you doing the same things you are not truly set apart. The way people today dress, show many people’s hearts are not fully purified.

  • What is your spiritual background?

We do not title who we are, but if we had to it would most closely fit with Messianic Judaism. Messianic Judaism started with Yeshua (commonly referred to today as Jesus) as His Jewish followers accepted the evidence that He was the promised Messiah (Anointed One) of Israel, and as the scriptures foretold, He also was the God of Israel in the flesh, YHWH, the Creator, who died for sins according to Isaiah 53, then rose again according to the Psalms and the Prophets.

  • Are you Christians?

We only would refer ourselves as Christians to the fact that we believe Yeshua is the Messiah and only way to salvation of man. However, our beliefs and faith in christianity today end there. We desire to study learn and live a life according to scripture. Most christian churches today are not teaching from scripture, even worse, they are incorporating pagan traditions and actions within their teachings.

  • Does that mean you are Jews for Jesus?

No, Jews for Jesus are Jewish people who have proclaimed Yeshua as the Messiah, but like many Christians today, they do not see the need to live a life according to Scripture. Messianic Jews, are not only Jewish people but all those who proclaim Yeshua as Messiah and desire to live a life according to the Scriptures using the foundation of the Scriptures, The Torah, as our guide.

  • Is Biblical Messianic Judaism valid contemporary Judaism?

The first Jewish followers of Yeshua never left the faith of YHWH, but rather came into a more personal covenant with Him through trust in Messiah Yeshua. Their faith was and is the only complete Biblical Judaism and thus a superior Judaism. This is because Messiah Yeshua is the promised deliverer from sin and completed the understanding of the Torah that was lacking. However, this does not mean that Rabbinical Judaism does not have truth within it.

  • Didn’t Yeshua start Christianity?

It is only because of  a lack of understanding and knowledge that people would asks this question. Yeshua was Jewish and taught people the truth about the Torah. He taught this message to all the Jewish people. At the time some people believed His message and some didn’t. This brought a devision amongst the Jewish people. Many people, about 1/3 of the Jewish people at the time of His first coming,  followed Yeshua and His teachings.

The issue was the others who were teaching at the time, wanted power and were teaching a false message. The issue they had with Yeshua was He was taking their control over the people (their power) away from them, and He was putting all glory not to man, but YHWH. The followers of Yeshua took his message and teaches to the world (non-Jewish). Those who believed the message of Yeshua, and developed a desire to obey His teachings are are true believers. They are messianic believers.  However, many years later people started to call people who believe Yeshua as the Messiah “Christians” thus the confusion started.

  • To be Jewish don’t you have to reject Yeshua as the Messiah?

By the end of the first century over one million Jews believed Yeshua to be the Messiah of Israel, but many of them, if not most, were martyred or driven underground because of anti-Semitism both within secular and religious society.  This eventually precipitated the lie that a Jewish person does not believe in Yeshua as Messiah. Today there is estimated to be more than one million Jewish people who believe in Yeshua as the Messiah. In addition, the rejection of Christianity by some Jewish people is not necessarily a rejection of Yeshua. It is rather the rejection of a Gentile religion, which has little in common with the Jewish Messiah. Because a Jewish person does not want to be a Catholic or a Baptist does not mean they reject Yeshua. Christian denominations have little in common with the life, faith, customs or worship experience of Yeshua. Messianic Judaism affirms the eternal Jewishness of Yeshua (“The Lion of the Tribe of Judah”) and that He did not come to destroy Jewishness. Therefore, those who attempt to destroy Jewishness are not of Him; they are not at all true followers of Him. In fact, to deny the Jewishness of Messiah is to deny the truth of the Scriptures. To oppose the Jewish people, simply because they are Jewish, is to distrust the appointment of God and hate the very Messiah of Israel. In other words, wholesale anti-Semitism or anti-Judaism is demonic.

  • Are believing gentiles the same as messianic believers?

There is no such thing as a believing gentile. The term is an oxymoron. Gentile means, non-believer or heathen. Once you except Yeshua as Messiah, you become part of the body of Messiah. You are now spiritual Israel. The Olive Tree of Romans 11 is not a “Jewish” olive tree, as is often taught. Rather according to Jeremiah 11:15-16 it is both houses of Israel, Judah, Ephraim and non Israelites are one nation of Israel through the Messiah.

Many Non-Jewish followers of Messiah from all nations are  Ephraim and have been up to now the unidentifiable representatives and offspring of Ephraim (Zechariah 8:23) Ephraim’s recognition of their identity and restoration with brother Judah is the truth that will become the salvation of all Israel (Ezekial 37:16-28)

  • Why do you use the name Yahweh and not say God or Lord?

In the past in our ignorance we have been taught that the titles god, lord and Jehovah were sufficient things to call our ABBA (FATHER). The time is at hand and is even at the door that we are entering into a critical time. YAHWEH is trying to bring HIS people, as HE did with Moshe, out of the land of Egypt. In order to be prepared for the changes that will be required in our thinking, our acts and our spiritual being we must know assuredly, beyond a shadow of doubt WHO is the ONE that we call upon for our deliverance.

A name identifies what a thing or person is, for a name separates from all others in that it clarifies exactly what or who it is. The name of people through the ages has personified the character, attitude and to some extent even the looks of one.  The ONE we serve has the most lovely and the most powerful NAME ever known, YAHWEH.

  • Why do you use the name Yeshua instead of Jesus?

In the Hebrew language, all names have a meaning. The name Yeshua means Yahweh’s Salvation. The name Jesus was only first used  a few hundred years ago. It does not come from Yeshua. It is a made up greek name. Most Bibles in the past didn’t use it either. I prefer to use the Hebrew name of our Savior Yeshua the Messiah rather than His Greek name. This is not to say you must use the name Yeshua to ensure your salvation. But we prefer to use His Hebrew name rather than His Greek name.

  • How come my pastor or Church uses the name Jesus?

Because of tradition most Churches today use the Greek name instead of the Hebrew.

  • How did you get interested in Hebraic roots?

The best answer I can give is, before I learned about man’s opinions of the Scriptures I read it for myself when I first got saved. I’ve always been one not to be a follower of man’s traditions and Hallmark holidays. I didn’t plan on following anything different than what the word says. However, what the word says is not what the world is teaching. The paths were laid before me, I choose to continue on YHWH’s path, not man’s.

  • Do you keep the Sabbaths and Feast Days described in the Old Testament?

Absolutely to our best understanding and ability. We are instructed to keep them throughout all the generations. We continue to joyfully learn and grow in this area. We see nowhere in Scripture were it says we are no longer to keep the 7th day Sabbath and other Holy instructed days.

  • Do you keep the dietary laws?

Of course. Yahweh is the Creator and giver of all things, included are the instructions of what to do with them. He told us exactly what to eat and what to avoid.  Disobedence of His instructions are man’s downfall and this area is the most common topic people get wrong. We don’t abstain from these unclean things because we believe it to be a salvation issue, but because we believe it to be an obedience issue – “If you love me, keep my commandments.”

  • What about all the Jewish customs? Do you observe these?

We strive to keep the commandments of Yahweh as written in the Scriptures, and not man-made customs. There are some Jewish customs that are scripture based and we observe these, but we do not keep man-made traditions. How we keep the scripture based commandments is something we continue to learn and grow. We will only find out how well we did when we are in Heaven, but we do the best we can.

  • Does your family and friends support you in this belief?

Many of our close friends agree with our lifestyle choices. Our family may not agree with our choices of how we spend our time, but we have never had an issue with them or our friends that believe different. Our relationship with our family and friends remains wonderful despite our differences.

  • I wrote to you and didn’t hear back from you. Why?

On average, we receive hundreds of emails and letters every month, and there is simply not enough time. We really do our best to read all the emails but because of our busy travel schedule, it is not always possible to reply. We continue to find ways to get as much detailed information out about the questions we normally receive. Our videos, message board, and monthly coaching club are just some of the many ways we are working to answer your questions. Even though we don’t have a chance to respond to all, we love hearing from you, so thank you for writing.

  • How is Torah Life Ministries Supported?

The majority of our support comes from the hard work and resources we create and sell. Also from people who believe in this ministry, and want to share His blessings with us as we bless others. We have a very simple ministry with very low costs.  We operate from our home and do much of the work ourselves so we save money. If you are led to bless us and help the ministry, you may do so on our page for donations. Of all the ways we are supported, your prayers help the most

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