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About Paul Nison,

At age 20, Paul Nison was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (also know as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), a deadly affliction.

His search for a cure began with medical doctors, but they didn’t have the answers he needed. After trying almost every so-called cure to overcome his pain and suffering, Paul finally discovered the benefits of eating more simply. He started by getting rid of foods that were no good for him.

Simplifying his diet was the first step in his cure.

“I was eating so much unhealthy food, but didn’t care because I felt great. When I got sick, I finally realized health doesn’t start with what we add to our diet, but with what we leave out.”

Paul started to leave out all unhealthful foods, and the healthful foods he was left with were raw, ripe, fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. After turning to a more simple diet called “the raw food diet” consisting of just that, raw foods, Paul was amazed at how quickly his health returned. He was even more amazed because doctor’s told him raw foods would not help his condition. In fact, they warned him by saying a diet of raw fruits and vegetables would be harmful to anyone with inflammatory bowel disease. This led Paul to simplify all areas of his life.

With his new understanding of “less is more,” Paul left his office job in the financial industry on Wall Street in New York City, wrote some books about health, and started traveling, giving lectures about health and living simply. Paul didn’t know it at the time, but his return to health and a simpler life was just the beginning of a path that would bring him to question the connection between today’s fast-paced urban lifestyle and the sadly diseased state in which so many people find themselves. “The more I started to realize what was really going on, I would see most people moving around like robots, barely surviving while I was thriving.”

This led Paul to continue to search for an answer. He realized that people are being controlled by the world. Most of the people in control do not have the best interests of the people they are controlling at heart.

As Paul continued to study, he was led to read the Bible. When he saw that it clearly said, we should not be controlled by the people of the world, but by the Master Creator, Father YHWH . everything made perfect sense. As a definitive confirmation that Our Creator had all the answers and not the world, Paul found Genesis 1:29: “See, I have given you every plant that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, in which there is life, every green plant is for food.”

“Discovering healthful eating was a big step for me, but finding building a personal relationship with Our Creator was the biggest.

My life has definitely changed and is better than it ever was.”

Paul’s life is now dedicated to studying and living according to the Scriptures and to developing his relationship with The Most High. It is Paul’s prayer to help as many people as possible to see the amazing health message of the Scriptures, and to help them get to know and understand their Creator. According to Paul, the Scriptures comprise the greatest book on health ever written.


Press Release, publications, interview requests and consulting services… 

Raw Foods Chef and Educator Paul Nison has been eating a raw food diet since he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis many years ago. With no other choice but surgery according to the medical profession, Paul decided to stop eating all cooked foods. Today he is 100% cured of this so-called “incurable disease” and still eats a raw food diet. Paul has been featured on The Food Network and in several magazines and newspapers around the world. He travels the world giving lectures on the raw food nutrition and raw food prep classes to show people how easy and fun the raw life can be.


– The Raw Life; Becoming Natural in an Unnatural World ISBN #0-9675286-0-7
– Raw Knowledge: Enhance the Power of your mind, body and Soul ISBN #0-9675286-1-5
– Raw Knowledge 2: Interview with health Achievers ISBN #0-9675286-2-3
– Healing Inflammatory Bowel Disease: The Cause and Cure of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis ISBN #0-9675286-3-1
– Health According to the Scriptures: Experience the Joy of Health According to Our Creator ISBN #0-9675286-4-x
– Paul Nison’s Raw Food Formula for Health ISBN 978-1-57067-216-3
– The Daylight Diet: Divine Eating for Superior Health and Digestion ISBN 978-0-9675286-5-6


Paulnison.comThe official site of Paul Nison – Health Store for all of Paul’s Products and more. -Daily video show -Paul’s Non-Profit heath ministry

Contact Information
To interview Paul or book him for an event, contact:


Thank you and have a healthy day.

Consulting Services

I would love to help every person who contacts me and answer every single question. Because I spend so much time researching and traveling the world teaching about health and healing, I just don’t have the time to reply to everyone. However if you really need to get in touch with me for a small fee we can set up a time to talk about your health plan. If it is leaning how to incorporate more raw food into your diet, eat 100% raw, or you are dealing with a health challenge, I will make myself available to help you. All you have to do is contact me and set up an appointment.

I don’t like the idea that I have to charge to speak to you about your health but in reality this is the only way I can take myself away from my daily work and ministry and still support my family and I. I do my best to provide free information in the tons of free videos I do very often on my websites.  To be honest I have very little extra time these days but I am willing to make the time for you if you really need it.
Paul Nison provides consulting on the following health and diet subjects:

– Health challenges
– Digestive issues such as IBD
– Cancer treatment alternatives
– Diet changes, vegetarianism, raw foods, vegan
– Setting up a raw food kitchen and raw food recipes
– Sprouting, blending and juicing at home or on the road
– Gaining weight and muscle on a raw food diet
– Fasting on water and juices
– Digestion problems, food combining
– Colon problems: Leaky gut, Crohn’s, colitis, ulcers, constipation, IBS, Celiac
– Auto-Immune diseases, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis
– Candida & parasites, vegetarianism, raw food diet
– Other topics as covered in Books by Paul Nison

Telephone consultation fees are $60 per half hour, and $100 per hour. The fee for consultations is based strictly on the quantity of time spent. This may include, at your behest, additional off-phone time for research. You determine the length of the consultation session. Credit card payments accepted: MasterCard, VISA, and American Express.

To learn more about Paul Nison’s consulting services, please email him.

Description & Disclaimer
“I cannot and do not practice medicine nor do I prescribe anything to you. However, as a researcher and author of several books on these subjects, I can inform you about the latest nutritional research and dietary suggestions relating to your area of concern. These sessions provide information about herbs, fruits, vegetables, juices, and foods that have demonstrated benefits for the conditions you are inquiring about. I may also refer you to books, people, and places where you can receive further help. When you arrange a consultation with me or follow any information in my books, you are choosing to assume full responsibility for the execution of any suggestions.” – Paul Nison

Paul has written 7 books about health and healing. He also has a growing selection of audios and videos. You can learn more about the products by clicking the icons below.

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