HCG for weight loss, warning!!!

it is popular for people to take HGC, a hormone to lose weight. According to today’s guest Dr. Pompa it is very unhealthy to take HCG or the HCG diet. Dr. pompa website is http://drpompa.com

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    • Mary Artemis on August 16, 2012 at 2:06 pm
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    great info. thanks.
    Mary from Stamford, CT

    • Aime on August 16, 2012 at 5:30 pm
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    What about the other neew fad of diets the Rasberry Ketones & Green Coffee Bean Extracts? Dr. Oz has had them on his show & I keep getting email about them (not sure why). Thanks for sharing TRUTHS.

  1. I have been coaching folks through the HCG Protocol for 4 years now and must say that Dr. Pompa is VERY wrong in his assessment. After crying out to YHWH for help for myself and the many others plagued with weight problems I was led to this Protocol that I found to be the answer to my prayers. It has been an answer to many thousands of others as well, and they have maintained quite successfully. Firstly hCG is NOT simply a hormone, it is a hormone protein that allows the body to draw on abnormal fat stores to the tune of approximately 2000 callories/day, so that one is not experiencing nutritional deficiencies typical of a low calorie diet without hCG. Further, when followed properly using the maintenance \phase and striving to eat healthy foods throughout, the hypothalamus is apparently re-set, which is the key to why the weight stays off with this Protocol. I believe one day doctors will realize that the originator of this Protocol, Dr. Simeons, was right on about the hypothalamus requiring this re-setting in order to at last overcome the poor metabolism and unnatural cravings associated with both damages done by toxins in our food and environment as well as changes resulting from menopause in women. These issues prevent other weight loss regimens from being effective and when the hypothalamus is corrected using hCG, one is finally free of those debilitating issues as long as clean foods are consumed and clean lifestyle is followed. I, too, have experienced many customers who have found this Protocol to be just the opposite of what this man reports: answered prayer! Please see my web site for more information and a myriad of testimonials. Blessings B’Shem Yahshua, Shalom

    • Natalie on August 19, 2012 at 5:02 am
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    Wrong website on the video, it’s http://www.drpompa.com/. Thanks for this warning!!! Yikes!

    • Natalie on August 19, 2012 at 5:12 am
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    Another thing I was wondering if you could ask Dr. Pompa some time and maybe you already have is how he views the universal truths of chiropractic medicine and the Truths of God. I recently stopped going to a chiropractor that I have gone to for years for several reasons; the effects never lasted more than a day, he urged me to do yoga instead of just stretching and his treatments never worked as well as plain physical therapy. He also pushed an impersonal intelligence in the universe as the source of everything and I was very uncomfortable with that as Christian. I just would like to know the Doctor’s thoughts on this. I tried to go to a “Christian” chiropractor before the one mentioned and he literally tried to bully me into to shelling out over $300 to teach me to eat a raw diet, saying that would automatically make my hips align and my back align and cure all my problems which upset me because all I really needed to know was specific stretches to do, which my office visit should have covered and he could have just handed me literature and pointed me to free resources for this raw diet. He must have wanted me to pay for supplements, but be real here, not everyone can afford all that. Like you said Paul, keep it simple!

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