Heal Disease

People often contact me asking me what food to take to heal a certain health issue they are dealing with. One food, or another quick fix is usually not the answer. A full lifestyle change must take place. The good news is every disease can be improved. However we need wise people to guide us.

Below are some of the best people I found whom I suggest people contact to discover the cause and cure of their health challenge.
**These are some video previews but I suggest you visit their site and book a private consultation with them. You can see many exclusive full-length videos, some over an hour long at my membership site www.Therawlifehealthshow.com
***You would pay a medical doctor for there time, so understand these people spend many years learning how to keep the body healthy and there may be a charge for their time. Please don’t let this keep you from contacting them. They are all men of God who may lower or waive a fee in certain cases. “Ask as you shall receive” Also tell them Paul Nison sent you, that may help.

Dr. Gary Tunsky – www.drcelltox.com

Dr. Fred Bisci – www.drfredbisci.com
Contact for diet and healing. The world’s best nutritionist!!! Great for people with cancer.

Dr. Yakov Koyfman www.koyfmancenter.com
If you are looking to do a cleanse Dr. Koyfman is the man to see.

Dr. E. K. Schandl – www.americanmetaboliclaboratories.net
The best blood testing laboratory. I suggest the longevity profile test. Disease diagnosis.

Click on the video link of this site to see more videos and much more about healing from disease. .

***For even more important videos about healing disease an other important raw food information check out my membership site www.rawlifehealthshow.com

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