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Paul’s Decision to get Scanned (Energy Healing) #441

http://www.Rawlifehealthshow.com To view the other videos in this series, please go to: http://www.WellWithU.com/zyto

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Videos in this Series:

“Paul’s Decision”: That is the video posted here, where Paul talks about his skepticism at even trying this body scan technology, and why he now not only believe in it himself, but fully recommends the ZYTO.

“The ZYTO Scan”: Paul interviews Dr. Jeff Hazim about the science behind the ZYTO, and why he, as a Believer, does NOT feel it is against his faith to use this technology to help people get well.

“Premier Nutrition”: Dr. Jeff talks all about Premier Research Labs, their amazing nutritional supplements, and how they are actually programmed into the ZYTO software, so that a custom nutritional protocol is designed during your scan.

“The Pilot Program”: Details all aspects of the limited ZYTO Pilot Program, including how you can take part.


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  1. Amariah

    Wow. Very Intresting!Hmmm.Great video Shaul.

    1. Andrea

      Hello Paul first I must thank you from the botton of my heart for all your hard work,emails and knowledgable information I received.
      About the Zyto machine, I would like to have a scan done, but I notice you have to get a package, I really can not afford a package right now. Is there a way to just have a scan done so I can work on what my body is lacking.

      1. healthwatchman

        HI Andrea, I think you can just get a scan from Dr. Jeff. Ask Chaim on the website of the video okay?

      2. healthwatchman

        if you don’t get a reply email me via the contact page.

  2. Joan Miller

    Hi Paul,
    Several years ago, Kenton and I checked out this as a possible retirement business for Kenton. We are still considering it ….and now, with your recommendation, we may move forward with it.
    Blessings to all three of you…..hope to see you soon.
    (Missed you at the MIA Southwest Regional Conference this last weekend!! It was great!!)

  3. Yuval Gazit

    Dear Paul,

    I have always appreciated your no-nonsense approach to health and nutrition issues. You won my respect when you challenged the cacao-as-health-food myth and called out charlatans such as David Wolfe and his ilk. This is why I am doubly disappointed that you decided to endorse this shameful scam called Zyto. I feel that this has so undermined my respect for your judgment that, for the first time ever, I am posting a comment to your video.

    In the video you mention blood tests as an analog to the Zyto scan. Nothing could be further from the truth. The blood tests that you take (and your doctor interprets) are based on years of PEER-REVIEWED medical research. Normal blood levels of certain molecules are thoroughly researched by many scientists and published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

    The Zyto scanning “technology” is conveninetly “proprietary” and has never been subjected to proper peer review and or any independent studies of any kind.
    The “findings” of these scans are so general as to apply yo anyone. The readings remind me of horoscopes – anyone who reads them thinks they apply to them.

    I strongly suggest that you look at this youtube video, put out by Zyto themselves, about their Q3 financials:


    Paul, you’re an intelligent fellow and probably understand a thing or two about running a business. What do you hear “between the lines”? They readily admit that they’ve been losing money. You can sense their desperation (trying to go public by filing with the SEC, sell shares to investors to raise money, etc). They frankly admit that they are pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy, targeting “subscription revenue” from consumers. They also have these strategic “partners”, which are in fact supplement makers. They “customize” the software so it recommends the supplements of their “partners”.
    C’mon, Paul, you too? Or in the immortal words of Julius Caesar – et tu Brute?
    If you need any more convincing that this is a hoax, read this:


    I truly hope that you will not tarnish your hard-earned reputation as the voice of reason and sanity in an industry rife with scam artists and get-rich-quick types. I am sure your friend Dr Jeff is well meaning. But so are many astrologers.

    1. healthwatchman

      Thanks for your email. I agree with you 100% about things like this and there is no way I would ever get involved with something like this but I’m telling you I tried to as a favor to a friend and I was very impressed with the results. I was also surprised because I think like you in this area but the results changed my mind about this zyto scan. I don’t know exactly about the company etc. All I know is I tried it and was impressed with the results. I thank you so much for this email you sent and I will give it more thought and pray about it more.

  4. Raymond R Deckert

    Paul – Does this take the place of blood tests to determine what`1s going on in the body? Also I`ve been scanned by Dr Tunsky which appears to be the same thing. I know you`re good friends with Dr. Tunsky and probably know what he does. Looking forward to your response.

    1. healthwatchman

      NO. Blood tests are still most important in my opinion. Nothing should become before them. This should just confirm even more the blood tests results.

  5. Joseph Israel

    Shalom Paul, I agree 100% with you on this!! I have had great results with this machine and have seen others have the same results.. I am glad you tried it.. Praise YHWH for his blessings in the many ways they come.. I really would like to get one of these… Shalom In the home!

    1. healthwatchman

      Shalom Brother. Todah. Hope to see you soon.

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