Feb 09

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Removed Mole with Black salve

Today’s video is clips of how I used an herbal salve to remove a mole I had on my face since I was a baby

Click here if you can’t see the video below

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  1. linda kordich

    Paul, that is fantastic! amazing courage it took for you to do this experiment on your face! Again, thank you for sharing and being our guide to freedom in wellness. Hugs from me and Jay, Linda

  2. Jessica

    I have to say, that was absolutely disgusting, but completely cool at the same time! 🙂
    I ordered a product called Bio-T (no-moles.com), but after it came, the usage sheet stated you shouldn’t do it if you are nursing or pregnant since it really taxes your immune system. It also said not to do more than one at a time.
    What are your thoughts?

    1. healthwatchman

      Don’t use anything right now. No one should if they are pregnant.

  3. sandee

    Hi Paul

    I’ve looked high and low for this I’ve heard about it for a long time. I do have quite a few strange looking black moles on different parts of my body. There is an herbal shoppe in town that told me to get the black salve. BUT when you google it there are so many Can you Please tell me which one you used.

    Thanks Sandee

  4. sandy


    please let us know how to apply this. I am looking for something since my 13 y.o. son has a physically-raised birthmark on his face. It probably spans about 1 1/2″ on the right side, behind his eye, usually hidden behind his glasses. could you let us know what brand you use?


    1. healthwatchman

      sandy, email me and I’ll give you someone to call

  5. Barbara

    Wow, pretty amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing this. I have a mole on my face that I think I’ve had all my life and have at times wondered if I should have it removed at some point. This could be the answer. But is it best to do this supervised by someone? I know you said that using it without experience could cause more harm than good.
    thanks again

    1. healthwatchman

      yes this if very serious so make sure you don’t just use it with out supervision

  6. Juliw

    It’s cool that you documented this. I have used Cansema black salve to remove some moles myself with great success. It is not a gentle healer, but it does work well and IMO better than surgery which I have also had done to remove moles. It is very important to keep the area moist and clean. I also had a sore on my right arm from a Morgellon type outbreak that became infected. I was trying everything on it, but it wasn’t healing. It got so ugly that it looked gangrenous. I finally used Cansema on it and it formed a large crater. It did leave a scar, but got rid of the infection. I’ve seen pictures online of some horrendous cancers removed by the stuff too. Did you know that the guy who has been making and marketing Cansema was illegally arrested and extradited from Ecuador recently? He served time in the US for selling and making claims about Cansema. He left the country with his wife after becoming disgusted with the practices of the FDA and medical mafia. They recently hunted him down and yanked him back to the US because he left before his parole was over. I don’t know what is happening now, but his story was published on Natural News (Mike Adams, the health ranger).
    FYI, there is a podcast and interview with his wife here:
    Health Ranger Report #84: Greg Caton kidnapped, deported by FDA
    An exclusive interview with the wife of Greg Caton, an herbal formulator who has been illegally arrested and deported from Ecuador by U.S. authorities acting far outside the bounds of the law. A stunning report of a major international incident with huge implications for health freedom.

    1. healthwatchman

      Thank for the info. We have to be careful when we promote things like this.

  7. anneh

    So where do we get the salve (also the white salve you mentioned) thanks

    1. healthwatchman

      email me on the contact page and I’ll give you the info where to get it.

  8. Amy

    Hey Paul! Interesting topic and glad to see you had success! I tried Bio-T years ago and didn’t have any luck with it, though Shazzie apparently did as I got the recommendation from her blog at the time. Dr. Tel-Oren uses a special acid that works, but isn’t publicly available…. so I would be interested to know more about what you used. Any special brand?

    Also, any idea if this is effective on cysts and other weird lumps and bumps?

    1. healthwatchman

      Hi Amy, I used a product called black salve but anyone with blood root should do the trick. if you email me at my email I send you the contact name.

  9. Caroline ables


    can you send me the information where I can buy black salve.
    What if you have small moles should you use it on them.
    Thank you

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  12. Danielle

    Hi Paul. Thanks for documenting this. Can you tell me what brand of black salve you used. Also, you mentioned needing to keep your skin moist, should you apply the salve once, then just keep moisturizing with vitamin E. Or is there another product that you would recommend. Any other tips that you have would also be appreciated. Thanks so much for your help, I’m so glad to hear that there is an alternative to surgery!


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  28. nicole


    I’m into natural medicine and all that, but I looked this up and was horrified at what I saw. Please PLEASE read the article I posted above, and look at the pictures of people who didn’t see such positive results from this salve. This is nothing to mess around with.

  29. Walter Tornatore

    Greetings from an avid reader. Now, there have been many posts which I have seen today yet not one of them compares to this. Bravo! And I’ll have you know that my mates reckon I am extremely critical therefore that is lofty praise indeed!

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    Tel-Oren uses a special acid that works, but isn’t publicly available…

  31. tabea Wesner

    Can you tell me which brand you bought?
    I have to quite big birthmarks in my face and would love to use it, too.

  32. Joe U.

    What’s Up Paul,

    I saw your youtube video and decided to buy some black salve. Just a quick question, is the salve supposed to be kept on for 24 hours or will it still work changing the salve and bandaid every 12 hours?

    1. healthwatchman

      Joe, you must take it off after 24 hours

  33. sandra

    Hi Paul,
    Can you clarify for me: black salve only causes reaction if the mole is cancerous? Nothing would happen if it wasn’t cancerous?

    1. healthwatchman

      I can’t say 100% but nothing is supposed to happen if it is not cancerous

  34. farnaz

    hi pual i was wondering if i want to get my mole removed and its not cancerous will it still come out?

    1. healthwatchman

      it may

  35. Jerad

    I have some moles on my back I would like to get rid of and wanted to know where I can purchase some of the black salve you used. I have heard there are water based and oil based black salves? Oil being better for you because it does not dry out like water based does? Do you know anything about this?

    1. healthwatchman

      HI Jerad, Here is the link: https://www.rawlife.com/store/Black-Herbal-Ointment.html
      I heard what you said but my is water based and excellent.

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