Feb 24

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The answer to cure cancer with Dr. Coldwell Part 7

Today Dr. Coldwell talks about his program of how to cure cancer and how the doctors have it all wrong. This is part 7. Just one more and the interview is complete. You can see all 8 parts of this interview at the health show on http://www.paulnison.com

If you can’t see the video below click here

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  1. Sherri Abergel

    Hello Paul,

    I have enjoyed tremendously the ongoing interview with Dr. Leonard Coldwell and have looked at his website as well. Is it possible you could print a list of the items/supplements he lists in the last minute or so of Part 7 of your interview with him……..he lists them rather quickly and perhaps because of his accent as well I’m not exactly sure if I heard them all correctly. Thank you and I look forward to hearing more from both you and Dr. Coldwell……..and pray that this advice is heard “round the world”! Take care, Sherri Abergel

    1. healthwatchman

      Hi Sherri, I’d love to but I’m so busy, please look at the video and take good notes. You can send me the list if you want and I’ll post it for others.

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